General Hatha yoga / asana (postures)

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The Easy Yoga Workbook: The Complete Yoga Class in a Book
The Easy Yoga Workbook: The Complete Yoga Class in a Book
(Tara Fraser)
Contains a complete 60-minute yoga workout using the 20 yoga postures explained in the book.  It also features guided meditations, relaxations and breathing exercises.  All the poses have been selected because they help overcome common health problems caused by modern lifestyles, such as poor posture, back, neck and shoulder pain, poor concentration, and so on. The postures in this book can be practised by anyone of any age and any level of fitness.

The Heart of Yoga
Developing a personal practice
(T K V Desikachar)
“A revelation.  Read this book from cover to cover and you will begin to understand what Yoga is all about.  For students as well as teachers.  Rated 9 out of 10 by the Sunday Times (11/10/98).”
Paul Harvey
(Founder of Viniyoga Britain and Director of Yoganjali Teaching and Therapy Centre)

The Heart of Yoga

(Mohini Chatlani)
This book contains a series of posture sequences which vary in difficulty from basic to moderate and intensive.  There are warm-ups for each section and chapters on pranayama, mudra, meditation, relaxation and visualisation.  Pages fold out to reveal all the asanas, which can be clearly followed in sequence by following a curling printed pattern.  The author herself is photographed in all the poses.  A useful book for home practice and inspiration for yoga teachers.

Journey into Power
Sculpt your ideal body, free your true spirit and transform your entire life
(Baron Baptiste)
A fusion of yoga practices, popular psychology and diet, this book is inspiring and clearly written.  The posture section contains excellent advice on how to build a regular practice, as well as clear descriptions of ujjayi breathing and drishti concentration points.
Journey into Power


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