Yoga Events Diary and Yoga Holidays


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Terms and Conditions

  1. Listings of events and holidays appear in date order.
  2. Listings are removed at the end of the month in which the event began.
  3. Listings appear in the style and format as shown currently on the website.
  4. Listings can include one graphic, maximum file size 60kB.
  5. Listings may contain one hyperlink to a website page and one link to an email address.  The website link will be a direct click-through link from the title of the event, and then the link is repeated at the end of the listing.
  6. Payment for listings is required in advance and is non-refundable.
  7. Payment to be made by either by Paypal or by cheque from a UK bank account.  (Foreign bank accounts incur bank charges at our end, which you can of course cover if you wish.  Please enquire.)
  8. Diary page listings can be submitted and paid for individually.  See here.
  9. A year’s subscription to the Diary page is also available for named individual teachers (or two teachers who always work together).  This allows you to have unlimited listings of events led by that teacher for one year.  See here.
  10. You can choose to have your Yoga Holiday listed for 6 months or 12 months.  See here.
  11. Once your listing request and payment have been received (or listing request only if you have a year’s subscription) we will add your listing to the Diary page or Yoga Holidays page and contact you by email, asking you to check your listing(s).
  12. Please allow 14 days for listings to be added to the website, although we usually add listings within 1-3 days of receiving payment/instruction.
  13. It is the advertiser’s responsibility to check listings for accuracy and to provide approval within two weeks.  Yoga Village UK will take no response within that time as approval.
  14. Changes to listings can be made by logging in to your account and clicking ‘Edit’ next to the appropriate listing.  Please note that when you request an amendment, the listing will be removed from the website and replaced once it has been reviewed.
  15. Yoga Village UK can not take responsibility for website downtime, which is beyond our control.  In this unlikely event, advertisers can be assured that we will be working very hard to resolve technical issues.
  16. Yoga Village UK reserves the right to remove listings from the website at any time.
  17. Payment for advertising listings assumes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

To add a listing you must register or log in to your existing account and submit your listing information.