Human biology explained

This comprehensive and interesting course provides a solid foundation in understanding how the human body works. Unlock fresh insights to enrich your teaching and inspire your students.

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Study anatomy and physiology modules online at your own pace. Get a good foundation in A&P and step into yoga teacher training with confidence.

Course curriculum

    1. 2.1 Wholistic anatomy and physiology

    2. 2.2 Organisation of the human body

    3. 2.3 Staying alive

    4. 2.4 An overview of the body systems

    5. 2.5 Anatomical terms

    6. 2.6 Anatomical diversity and pathology

    7. 2.7 A note about course quizzes

    8. 2.8 Test your learning

    1. 3.1 The digestive system

    2. 3.2 Food

    3. 3.3 Enzymes

    4. 3.4 How digestion works

    5. 3.5 Interconnections to other body systems

    6. 3.6 Gut health and yoga

    7. 3.7 Test your learning

    1. 4.1 The cardiovascular system

    2. 4.2 The blood vessels

    3. 4.3 Blood

    4. 4.4 How the heart works

    5. 4.5 Interconnections to other body systems

    6. 4.6 Circulatory health and yoga

    7. 4.7 Test your learning

    8. 4.8 Progress review

    1. 5.1 The respiratory system

    2. 5.2 Cellular respiration

    3. 5.3 The breathing mechanism

    4. 5.4 Gaseous exchange

    5. 5.5 Interconnections to other body systems

    6. 5.6 Healthy breathing and yoga

    7. 5.7 Test your learning

    1. 6.1 The nervous system

    2. 6.2 Nerve cells

    3. 6.3 The senses and proprioception

    4. 6.4 The brain

    5. 6.5 How the nervous system is organised

    6. 6.6 The vagus nerve

    7. 6.7 Interconnections to other body systems

    8. 6.8 A healthy nervous system and yoga

    9. 6.9 Test your learning

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Why this course?

Gain access to this wholistic A&P course tailored specifically to yoga teachers and aspiring yoga teachers. The course is highly illustrated and written with yoga teachers in mind. The curriculum is clearly structured and presents key concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Each module emphasises the relevance of anatomy and physiology in yoga practice and overall health. Gain a valuable future reference source with lifetime access upon enrolment, and the further study resources in the final module.

  • Avoid confusion in A&P with explanations in plain English and lots of pictures

  • Repeat lessons or ask questions in the discussion boards if you get stuck

  • Gain A&P knowledge that is relevant to yoga teaching and practice

  • Use your certificate as proof of CPD or to support teacher training applications

  • Access anatomy books, advanced study or yoga teacher training with confidence

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“I love the different methods of learning, audio, visual worksheets, etc. I've done a lot of e-learning through various different work places and must say I'm finding it really smooth and easy to navigate. ”


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  • Structured course

    Work step by step through all the major body systems, at a pace to suit you.

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    Completely online, access the course at your chosen time from wherever you are.

  • Learn at your own pace

    Progress reviews through the course help you plan your own study schedule.

A range of ways to learn

Highly illustrated with a wide variety of images throughout to aid understanding of the text. Worksheets and quizzes in each module provide repetition and recall to help you remember. Videos and audios provide additional explanations. Ask questions and interact in the discussion boards.
Movement of lungs and diaphragm during breathing shown with arrows

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  • Do I need to have any prior knowledge of biology before taking this course?

    No! This is an entry level course and no prior knowledge is assumed. Everything is explained, and you can ask questions in the discussion if you get stuck.

  • I've studied A&P/biology in the past. How is this course different?

    This course will invite you to look at the human body in a more wholistic way than traditional anatomy teaching. It will also relate what you learn specifically to yoga practice. So as well as revision of topics you are familiar with, you will add a further layer of understanding by looking at it from a different perspective. There are also some optional additional links for further reading, should you wish to expand your study in each section.

  • Is this course a good preparation for yoga teacher training?

    Yes. In fact this course a pre-requisite for some yoga teacher training courses. It prepares you with a foundation in basic anatomy. This will inform the applied anatomy you will learn in your teacher training, as you explore yoga postures in depth.

  • Can I take this course more than once?

    Yes! Once subscribed you can come back and repeat the course as many times as you like. It also provides a useful reference for revision. You have access for the lifetime of the course, and if we add anything in the future, we'll let you know.

Course tutor

Andrea Newman

Senior tutor

Andrea is an experienced yoga teacher, mentor, and writer. She has been teaching yoga since 1994 and training and mentoring yoga teachers with the British Wheel of Yoga since 2003. As a Certified Advanced Rolfer, with a degree in biochemistry and a background in publishing, Andrea continues to study anatomy, spirituality and the body-mind connection. She brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to her teachings and is committed to helping yoga teachers and students enhance their understanding of themselves and to grow in their personal practice.