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The Yoga Teaching & Learning website at is dedicated to helping you thrive as a yoga teacher by offering inspiration and new ways to broaden your learning and professional development. 

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Enhance your knowledge of anatomy, teaching practice and the philosophical and ethical underpinnings of yoga to elevate your teaching and practice.

Here at YOGA TEACHING & LEARNING, you can be sure of high quality courses, reliably sourced information and stimulating discussions. 

Discover new insights from ancient and modern perspectives for your ongoing personal journey, and get inspiration that you can adapt and apply to your own teaching. 

Connect with a community of dedicated grassroots yoga teachers of all ages and approaches to yoga. Make meaningful connections, backed by real testimonials from our thriving and evolving community.

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Continue your ongoing learning and discover new ideas to better serve your students, leading them forward in their learning, while keeping them safe in their practice.

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  • Who is this site for?

    All dedicated heart-centred yoga teachers, from beginners to veterans. Student yoga teachers and those considering training to be a yoga teacher will also find some useful information here.

  • Is this website new?

    The website was first set up in 1999 to support yoga teachers in the UK and Ireland. This version of the site that you're looking at right now is version 4.0 which went live in 2023.

  • How do I know if the online course I'm interested in will be right for me?

    All our courses are high quality and written and led by experienced and knowledgeable tutors. Have a read through the course information carefully before enrolling. If you enrol and it's not working for you, we have a no quibble refund policy for one week after enrolment for online courses (unless otherwise stated in the course information).

  • Are there more courses in the pipeline?

    Yes! More courses and other good things are on their way. If you are subscribed to the newsletter (see link above), we'll keep you informed of developments. Community members can input directly into site development via the community hub survey.

  • Can I become an online course instructor?

    We welcome collaboration. Get in touch to find out more about the ins and outs of creating a course here, with our help. Send your ideas and a link to your website in an email to [email protected] and we'll be in touch.

Why do yoga teachers need to know about anatomy and physiology?


How much anatomy do you need to know to keep your students safe and sound? And how can learning more anatomy help to elevate your teaching?
Heart anatomy