The evolution of YogaUK

The website was set up in 1999 by Andrea Newman as a way of supporting yoga teachers in the UK in the newly emerging worldwide web. It was the first yoga website on the internet and the title of the site was Yoga Village UK.

As technology evolved and the needs of yoga teachers changed over the years, new versions of the site were created.  The current 4.0 version was published in 2023 to meet the needs of yoga teachers in the very different and changing world that we now live in.  It was given the new name of Yoga Teaching and Learning. is committed to continuing its original purpose - to support yoga teachers in their work in the community.  We offer quality education and inspiration from authentic expert and experienced tutors.  

Available to all English-speaking yoga teachers across the world.  We value diversity and the sharing of ideas through discussion and listening in a heart-centred and respectful learning environment.

What we offer

Yoga Teaching and Learning is all about:

  • Education

    Structured learning from expert yoga tutors for personal and professional growth.

  • Inspiration

    Find new sources of inspiration to develop and elevate your own teaching.

  • Connection

    Listen to other yoga teachers for insight into your own teaching practices.

A safe space

The Yoga Teaching and Learning website is a safe place for you to learn and explore.  We welcome everyone who comes here with a courageous and loving heart.  

The sharing of different views in discussion is useful for learning. We maintain this space is a polite and respectful place. The website is not appropriate for everyone, and if it's not for you, we wish you well on your journey.