About this workshop

This is a practical workshop, led by Andrea Newman, which will focus on how to teach familiar yoga poses to students with back pain, within a yoga class setting.

The workshop will explore ways that we can enable our students to access a yoga practice safely, and how to teach them to maximise the therapeutic aspects of a yoga practice to support their healing process. 

It will be an intensive interactive workshop, including yoga asana practice and discussion. You will have the chance to ask questions and share your experiences.

This is an interactive practical workshop where we will explore the poses you know and teach. You will have a chance to ask questions based on your own teaching experience in class working with individuals with back pain.

We will look specifically at how to adapt yoga practices in order to:

(a) keep students safe in their practice 

(b) assist (and not delay) the healing process

We will also explore refining our language use and teaching points to better support these students both in class, and when they get home.

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This workshop is a practical follow-on from the May 2024 Yoga Teaching & Learning Newsletter about back pain.

In case you didn't receive it, you'll find that information once you've enrolled (or look in the community hub newsletter archive if you're a community member).

This workshop is suitable as yoga teacher CPD. It is designed as yoga teacher continuing professional and personal learning.

Workshop facilitator

Andrea Newman

Senior tutor

Andrea says: "I see myself as a sensitive and geeky introvert and teacher! I love creating and holding a space for people to come into to explore themselves through yoga. I find it a joy and a privilege to see people's courage and determination as they face challenges in life, to heal and evolve." Andrea has been teaching yoga since 1994 and training yoga teachers with the British Wheel of Yoga since 2003. As a Certified Advanced Rolfer with a degree in biochemistry, Andrea continues to study anatomy, spirituality and the body-mind connection. She brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to her teaching and is committed to providing opportunities for yoga teachers and students to learn and grow.

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About this workshop

  • £55.00
  • 2-hour interactive workshop
  • functional anatomy based

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